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Why Are Google Reviews important?

97% Of Your Potential Customers Will Read Google Reviews & Ratings Before Engaging With Your Business…

But in most cases, your customers who DO have a good experience, don’t tend to leave reviews.


And more importantly… it’s the customers who (in their own eyes) didn’t have a good experience – go OVER the top and leave extraordinarily unfair reviews.

Which will…

→ Damage your business’s reputation.

→ Damage your Google Search Ranking.

→ Damage your online visibility and click-through rate.

And ultimately… prevent you from reaching more leads & clients.

You see, your customers who do have good experiences, time and time again (who are the true reflection of your business’s reputation) – don’t leave reviews, simply because…

They aren’t asked.

That’s Where 5 Star Reviews Comes In

Five Star Reviews is a Google Ratings & Collection Tool that motivates your customers to review your business and leave positive comments.


A significant boost in your business’s online reputation…

Massively improved search rankings for your business…

And most importantly… MORE leads, clients & sales for your business.

How Important Is It To Have 5 Star Reviews?

⭐ 84% Of People Trust Online Business Ratings As Much As Friends’ Recommendations

⭐ 97% of people read a review before choosing a business and check business ratings

⭐ Customer Reviews Can Increase Conversion Rates By 270%

⭐ Google Reviews Contribute 15% Towards Your Overall Search Ranking

⭐ You Need At Least 50 Reviews And A 4.74 Score To Be In The Top 3 On Google

⭐ 94% Of People Refuse To Use A Business That Has A Negative Review Score

Here is what happens when you use 5-Star Reviews

Halper Family Medicine

Before = 32 Reviews
+ 3.2 Rating

After = 282 Reviews
+ 4.4 Rating

Empire Tax Deductions

Before = 15 Reviews
+ 2.4 Rating

After = 111 Reviews
+ 4.0 Rating


Before = 13 Reviews
+ 2.1 Rating

After = 71 Reviews
+ 4.9 Rating

Sportset Health & Fitness

Before = 80 Reviews
+ 4.7 Rating

After = 412 Reviews
+ 4.9 Rating

Your reviews go up. Your ratings go up. And Your reputation goes up…

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